Why a hot tub?

We are delighted to introduce private hot tubs in both Clara cottage and Clementine cottage. We felt it was time to introduce complete relaxation into stunning cottages that just needed that little extra to be extra special. Before moving to Top Riley and before our children were born myself and my husband agreed on one thing that we felt we needed to splash out on and that was a hot tub. So the hot tub arrived and it was pure joy. It was the time we would both relax together and actually have conversations about our day, about our lives! It provided time with our family and our friends through all weather! My most special moments were sitting in the tub with the snow falling and a glass of bubbles in my hand. A hot tub is proven to be relaxing, improves sleep, and helps with pain relief. What better way to relax after a walk from the doorstep of the cottage than to get into a 38 degree hot tub and let the bubbles massage the muscles. We pride ourselves on the utmost care for the cleanliness of our hot tubs. It goes without saying that the water is changed on every changeover. The hot tub is scrubbed, the filters are cleaned and the right amount of chemical applied. We test daily and we act accordingly to the results of our testing. So relax, feel the benefits and have a purely luxurious break that you so deserve.


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Eyam Museum

20 minute walk into the village, opposite the playing fields

Eyam Museum aims to open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 with last admission at 15:15. The museum closes at 16:00. It is advisable to pre book tickets on the website. The museum will give you a real insight into the history of Eyam and the details of the plague through detailed local accounts of how it spread, who died and who survived.